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USB Kit: black scanner (MS7820-118) mounting plate (70-73050), 2.9 (9.5') straight USB Type A cable (5S-5S235-N-3), US power supply (46-00862) and documentation

The Metrologic MS 7820 Solaris is a vertical mini slot scanner that enhances productivity with quick scanning of high-density codes in high volume retail environments however small the space available. This makes it a practical solution for supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor and specialty stores. Its extended depth of field and advanced decoding software help in first pass scanning and superior print quality. Its multiple interfaces make it compatible with almost all POS systems, and automatic interface cable detection hastens the system configuration process. It can draw power directly from the serial port or the host's 12-volt USB, thereby making the integration process even simpler. It has a troubleshooting visual diagnostic indicator and is capable of Flash upgrades remotely. Above all it has an integrated RF

Honeywell MK7820-00C38 Handsfree Barcode Scanner

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