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Hospital Medical Furniture

Hospital Beds - ICU
Hospital Beds - Semi-Fowler
Hospital Beds - Orthopaedic
Hospital Beds Mattress
Bedside Screens
IV Pole Saline Stands
Obstetric Tables
Dirty Linen / Waste Trolley
Anesthesia Cart / Trolley
Bedside Revolving Stools
Bowl Stands
Medical Cabinets Cupboards
Dust Bin - Foot Operated
Waiting Chairs & Benches
Office Conference, Coffee Tables
Hospital Beds - Fowler
Hospital Beds - Plain
Baby Crib
Bedside Lockers
Overbed Tables
Examination Table
Foot Stools
Blood Donor Chairs
Doctor Chair & Stools
Scrub Unit Racks
Movable Cabinets Drawers
Stretcher Trolley
Home Care Beds
Ambulance Stretcher


Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments

Interlocking Nails
Nails, Wires and Pins
Mini Fragment Implants
Small Fragment - Standard
Small Fragment - Locking
Large Fragment - Standard
Large Fragment - Locking
Cannulated Screws
DHS/DCS & Angled Blade
Hip Prosthesis
External Fixators
General Instruments
Surgical Power Tools


Medical Disposables 

Transfusion Disposable Products
Cardiology Disposable Products
Infusion Disposable Products
Surgical Medical Gloves
Plastic Scissors
Plastic Mouth Piece for Endoscopes
Urology Disposables Products
Anaesthesia Disposable Products
General Surgery
Gynaecology and Paediatric Disposable Products
Non Woven Disposable Products
Surgical Blades & Scalpels
Blood Collection Tubes
Plastic Vaginal Speculum
Waste Management
Plastic Sponge Holder
Plastic Tweezers
Gastro Entrology Disposable Products
Surgical Dressings
Laryngeal Mask
Tube with Swab
ECG Electrodes
Maternity Pads
Blood Bag Systems
General Disposables


Diagnostic Equipments & Products

Sphygmomanometers & Spares
Pulse Oximeters
Fetal Doppler
ECG Machine
Measuring Tapes
Magnifiers - Loupes & Optics
Stethoscopes & Spare Parts
Diagnostic Sets
ECG Electrodes/ Ultrasound Gel
Reflex Hammers, Tuning Forks
Thermometers Clinical
EEG Series
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
X Ray Accessories
Eye Test Equipment (Opthalmic Range)


Anaesthesia Equipments & Products

Silicone Autoclavable Ambu Type Bags
Face Masks
Reservoir Bag PVC
Rebreathing Bags
Black Rubber Ambu Type Bags
Corrugated Tube
Guedel Pattern Airway
Head Harness
Magill Forceps
Oxygen Cylinder
Anesthesia Machine


Autoclave & Sterilizers

Autoclaves Pressure Steam Sterilizers
Double Wall Autoclave
Front Loading Flash Sterilizers
Gas cum Electric Autoclaves
Steam Indicator Strips
Instrument Sterilizers - S.S.
Portable Semi Automatic
Horizontal Sterilizer
Fully Automatic Autoclave
Dressing Drums - Stainless Steel
Hot Air Sterilizers
Hot Plates
Laboratory Semi Automatic
Portable Semi Automatic
Sterilization Pouch


Laboratory Products

Clinical Lab Devices
Hot Plates
Laboratory Incubator
Water Bath
Laboratory Autoclave
Hot Air Oven
Bottles Glassware
Desiccators Glassware
Flasks Glassware
Kipp's Apparatus Glassware
Pipettes Glassware
Watch Glasses
Pippette Pump
Centrifuge Tubes
Coplin Jars
Kipp's Apparatus
Molecular Model Sets
Pipette Stands
Sample Containers
Stop Cocks
Test Tube Cap
Tip Boxes
Volumetric Flask
Students Schools Microscopes
Monocular Research Microscopes
Economy Microscope
Stereo Microscopes
Slides & Cover Slips
Beakers Glassware
Burets Glassware
Cylinders Glassware
Extraction Apparatus
Funnel Glassware
Petridish Glassware
Test Tubes glassware
Animal Cage
Stirrer & Connectors
Measuring Cylinders
Petri Dishes
Immunology Box, Polystyrene
Slide Boxes, Mailer
Storage Boxes, Carrier
Test Tube Racks
Dissecting Microscopes
Advance Research Microscope
Binocular Research Microscopes
Co-axial Research Microscopes
Parts & Accessories
Simple Microscopes
Micro Pestle
Medicine Cup


Height & Weight Scales

Weighing Scales
Baby Weighing Scales
Spring and Hook Scales
Measuring Tapes
Wheel Chair Scales
Height Measuring Scales
Weighing Scales Digital
Weighing Scale with Tare Function


OB GYN (Gynecological) Products

Vacuum Extractor Sets - Manual & Electric
Midwifery Case with Lid (Aluminum)
Vaginal Speculums & Retractors
Abortion Set
Breast Pumps, Breast Relievers
Nipple Shields
Maternity Pads
Manual Vacuum Aspiration Kit

OT and Examination lights

Apple series
Ceiling OT lights Single Dome
Ceiling OT lights Double Dome
Ceiling OT lights Three Dome
Wall mounted OT lights
Mobile OT lights
Orange series
Ceiling OT lights Single Dome
Ceiling OT lights Double Dome
Wall mounted OT lights
Mobile OT lights
LED OT lights

Suction Machines & Unitswatch

Portable Suction Units
High Vacuum Suction Machines
Suction Units Manual
Hand Held Suction Units
Electric cum Manual Unit
Mobile Suction Unit
Parts Suction Units
Karman Cannula

Medical Rubber Products

Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions)
Air Way Tube
Catheters - Malecot, Depezer, Jacques pattern
Corrugated Drainage Sheets
Douche Tubes
Vaginal Douche Spray
Irrigating syringe (Asepto Syringe)
Pipette Bulbs
Rectal, Colon Tubes
Ryles Tube
Surgical, Laboratory Tubing
Mackintosh Sheeting
Hot Water Bottle Cover
Enema Syringes (Higginson)
Atomizer Bulbs
Chloroform Bellows, Sigmoidoscope bellows
Douche Bags, Enema Bags
Ear, Ulcer Syringes
Ice Bags
Pessary Rubber Ring
Pipette Filler Bulbs - 3 Way
Rectal, Infant Syringe
Stomach Tube

Hospital Furniture, Medical & Surgical Products

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