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Misc. Surgical Medical Products

Needle, Syringe Destroyer
Nail Brushes
Oxygen Cylinder Accessories
Multi Purpose Scissor
Oxygen Concentrators and Cylinder
Mosquito Net
Safety Pin
Universal pH Paper Test Strips
Blanket Survival
Kerosene Pressure Stoves
Examination Lamp
Steam Inhalator (Facial Sauna)
Water Filter - Stainless Steel
Razor Blade
Dropping Bottle
Cotton Ear Buds Disposables
Penlight Torch with Pupil Gauge
Sterile Surgical Skin Marking Pen


Suction Machines & Unitswatch

Portable Suction Units
High Vacuum Suction Machines
Suction Units Manual
Hand Held Suction Units
Electric cum Manual Unit
Mobile Suction Unit
Parts Suction Units
Karman Cannula


Medical Rubber Products

Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions)
Air Way Tube
Catheters - Malecot, Depezer, Jacques pattern
Corrugated Drainage Sheets
Douche Tubes
Vaginal Douche Spray
Irrigating syringe (Asepto Syringe)
Pipette Bulbs
Rectal, Colon Tubes
Ryles Tube
Surgical, Laboratory Tubing
Mackintosh Sheeting
Hot Water Bottle Cover
Enema Syringes (Higginson)
Atomizer Bulbs
Chloroform Bellows, Sigmoidoscope bellows
Douche Bags, Enema Bags
Ear, Ulcer Syringes
Ice Bags
Pessary Rubber Ring
Pipette Filler Bulbs - 3 Way
Rectal, Infant Syringe
Stomach Tube
Hot Water Bottles
Breast Pump


Hospital Holloware

Kidney Trays - Stainless Steel
Catheter Tray
Mayo Table Tray
Bed Pans - Stainless Steel
Douche Can - Stainless Steel
Thermometer / Forceps jars
Surgical/ Syringe Boxes
Dressing Jars and Drums
Feeding Cups - Stainless Steel
Plastic Holloware
Trays - Surgical/Dressing/Instrument
Shallow Tray
Urinals - Stainless Steel
Bowls & Basins - Stainless Steel
Gallipot & Sputum Mugs - Stainless Steel
Bucket with Cover - Stainless Steel
Measuring Spoons
Water Filter - Stainless Steel
Medicine Measure graduated

Misc. Surgical Medical Products

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