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Mobile-Eyes™ is a rugged, lightweight and easy-to-use dual-iris capture device for use by officials responsible for enrolling and verifying individuals in support of identity programs and law enforcement. With autocapture, an ability to operate in bright sunlight and dark operating environments, a USB 2.0 interface with no external power source required and non-proprietary, open SDK API and architecture, Mobile-Eyes can be quickly deployed and integrated into existing environments.

Powerful Biometric Identity Management

Mobile-Eyes is an integral part of any comprehensive biometric identity management and law enforcement solution. To address modern challenges such as fraudulent identities, cheating, etc, L-1 offers a multi-biometric solution for enrollment, fusion-based search and match (integrated with existing systems) as well as verification.


Mobile-Eyes can be deployed for:

Civilian ID Programs:

Mobile-Eyes supports authorities that aim the implementation of a civilian ID program in order to prevent any kind of fraud caused by the use of false or multiple identities.

Law Enforcement:

Mobile-Eyes enables the better tracking of criminal suspects and complements the common police identification methods such as mug shots and fingerprints.

Mobile-Eyes™-Dual IRIS Scanner

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