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Patanjali Aloe Vera juice is well known for its soothing and healing properties.The juice gets rid of the toxins and unwanted waste of the body and strengthens the digestive system. It gives relief from indigestion, heartburn, cures constipation and also ulcer. The juice contains vitamins and minerals which boost body energy and it also helps to control body weight.
Aloe vera is rich source of anti-oxidants and encourages cell repair and growth. It helps to build the immune system of the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of the juice provide relief from arthritis. Drinking Patanjali Aloe vera juice provides essential nutrients and vitamin to maintain healthy skin. It helps to retain skin elasticity and delays ageing process.

Direction of use: Take 10-15ml with same quantity of water.

Patanjali Ayurveda Aloe Vera Juice with Fiber, 1000ml

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