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Badam Pak is a nourishing tonic.Badam Pak makes the mind healthy, preventing all types of mental weaknesses, bile related problems, eye diseases etc. 
This is a miraculous medicine for headache. This medicine provides strength and increases power. This medicine is very much beneficial for the patients suffering with impotency and nervous weakness. 
This drink is extremely beneficial for the nourishment of the body and mind of a child. Persons with lot of mental activity should take one teaspoonful Badam Pak every morning and evening for keeping up day long energy in performing their duty at office.
Key Benefits:
Preventing all types of mental weaknesses.
Improve digestion & eyes problems.
Beneficial for the patients suffering with impotency. 
Direction of use: 1 or 2 teaspoonful pak should be mixed in milk or can be taken separately after taking pak.It can be consumed by the children, youth, the aged, men and women with or without milk.

Patanjali Ayurveda Badam Pak,impotency and nervous weakness. 500gms

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