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  • Healthy Periods
  • Healthy Ovarian Function
  • Improved Fertility



Dr. Morepen understands the struggle of women suffering from hormonal & reproductive disorders like PCOD, irregular periods, ovarian and fertility issues and therefore brings to you, PCOS Powder emerged from the quality blend of herbal extracts. Scientifically formulated to balance hormones and ensure healthy ovarian function in all age groups, it acts as a rebalancing and revitalizing tonic for smooth functioning of the female reproductive system. This powerful combination aims to reduce PCOS symptoms, menstrual cramps, hormonal imbalance as well as promotes a healthy lifestyle. The herbal extracts present in it are also helpful in maintaining acne-free and clear skin as well.

Dr. Morepen PCOS Powder is a plant-based herbal powder with the combination of best quality, hormonal-balance blend, active ingredients and digestive blend that help in easy digestion and give better results.

It includes active ingredients like Lemon Powder, Green Mango Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Bromelain, Black Salt, and Rock salt.

Hormonal Balance Blend includes a mixture of Shatavari, Vasaka, Punarnawa, Anantmool Extracts, Ashoka, Pomegranate Powder, Amla Powder, Gotukola, Giloy, Gokhru, Aloe Vera, and Inositol & Chromium.

Digestive Blend consists of Fennel Seed Powder, Tamarind Powder, Papain to make it easy to digest and assimilate into the body.


  • REDUCES PCOS SYMPTOMS: This helps provide relief in menstrual disorders like Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Amenorrhea (absent periods), Dysmenorrhea (painful periods), and Menorrhagia (heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding). It also works its magic for controlling other symptoms of PCOS like weight gain, acne, darkened skin & hair growth.
  • BALANCED HORMONES: Consuming PCOS drink helps in balancing hormones to stabilize mood and emotions during the menstrual cycle. Its effective hormonal-balance blend of Herbal extracts like Shatavari, Vasaka, Punarnawa, Anantmool Extracts, Ashoka, Pomegranate Powder, Amla Powder, Gotukola, Giloy, Gokhru, Aloe Vera, Inositol & Chromium stimulate the production of reproductive hormones in females of all age groups.
  • HEALTHY PERIODS: With Powerful Herbs like Vasaka, Shatavari, Gotukola, Amla, Ashoka & many more, it aims to smoothen the menstruation process by relieving pain and swelling during periods. It naturally detoxifies the body by boosting metabolism and also improves blood circulation for easy periods.
  • IMPROVES REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH:The PCOS Powder gives herbal protection to precious ovaries and overall female reproductive health. It improves functioning of reproductive organs by providing nourishment to the mother and foetus during pregnancy. It helps increase female fertility even in women with PCOS and aids during pregnancy and beyond.
  • HEALTHY MENOPAUSE: It works against many menopause symptoms including; hot flushes, night sweats, sleep problems, mood swings and weight gain. Chromium along with many other ingredients, slows down the loss of calcium, thereby helping to prevent bone loss in women during menopause.
  • CLEANSES SKIN: It acts as an herbal boon to support clearer skin with reduced acne.
  • QUALITY & TRUST: It is 100% Vegetarian, Soy Free, Gluten Free with No Added Sugar & without any preservatives. Dr. Morepen ensures to provide the highest quality formulation with rigorous checks & testing. We bring the trust and credibility of more than 20 Years to give you the best of nature backed by Science.


  • Store in a cool & dry place.
  • Keep the container tightly closed


Nutrition Facts


Serving Size: 5 g


Amount Per Serving


Energy (Kcal)



Total Protein (g)



Total Fat (g)



Total Carbohydrates




5.7 mg



0.15 mg



50 mcg



500 mg




* : Not a significant source

** : RDA Not Established

Based on ICMR Nutrient requirement and RDA for Indian (2010)

  • Lemon Powder
  • Green Mango Powder
  • Pomegranate Powder
  • Bromelain
  • Black Salt
  • Rock salt.

Hormonal Balance Blend:

  • Shatavari Ext
  • Vasaka Ext
  • Punarnawa Ext
  • Ashoka
  • Pomegranate Powder
  • Amla Powder
  • Gotukola
  • Giloy
  • Gokhru
  • Anantmool Ext
  • Aloe Vera
  • Inositol
  • Chromium

Digestive Blend:

  • Fennel Seed Powder
  • Tamarind Powder
  • Papain

Contains Naturally Occurring Sugars, Natural & Nature Identical Flavours

Nutraceutical / Dietary Supplement


  • Mix 5 gm/one scoop PCOS Powder with 150 ml water until completely dissolved and consume.
  • Have just 1 serving per day. Do not exceed the limit.

PCOS Supplement Powder

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