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  • TCP/IP
  • EM Card
  • Personal Identity Number
  • USB Link
  • USB Disk
  • Access Control
  • RS 232/485



Fingerprint Users :5,000
Card User :5,000
Password User :5,000
Attendance Records :200,000
CPU :32bit CPU
Fingerprint senor :600 dpi Optical sensor
Fingerprint spoof detection :Support
Multi-device Related :Max. 255units
Card reader :Including EM type ID card reader(Option:Mifare reader)
Display:2.8 inches TFT display
LED :Three(Red, Green, Blue)
Keyboard :Touch keypad, 16Keys(with doorbell touch keypad)
Communication :TCP/IP,USB, RS485
Input and output terminals :Power input (12V; GND)
Wiegand input 26/34
Door relay terminal (COM; NO; NC)
Alarm relay terminal (COM; NO; NC) 
Wiegand output 26/34 
Exit button input (Exit; GND) 
Door sensor input 
Bell terminal (BELL)
Anti-pass/reader communication terminal (RS485)
USB disk :Support
Additional function :Tamper Detection
Audio output :Buzzer
RTC :Support
Working voltage :DC 12V±10%
Working humidity (RH) :20 % - 80 %
Working temperature :-10°C~+60°C
Module operating mode :Stand-alone/Master mode, Reader Mode
Identification mode :Fingerprint, card, password and combinations
Display language :Support multi-languages. English,Turkish, Thai, as default
Access control :Directly control of door lock / Indirectly control of door lock via Wiegand access controller.
Support 50 access time zones, combination identification, anti-pass back
Control multi-doors :Support
Alarm function :Support tamper, long time door open, illegal door open and intimidate alarm
Power management :Support sleep mode
Self-test function :Support
FAR/ FRR :0.00001/ 0.1(%)
Identify speed :>1.0 second (when enrolled 2000 fingerprints)
Fingerprint input angle :360 (any angle)
Intelligent adaptation function :Support
Matching mode :Support 1:N, 1:1

T62 » Waterproof Outdoor Access Control System

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